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Established in 2011, Fortune Fountain (Beijing) Holding Group Co., Ltd. (together with all Group members, ”Fortune Fountain Capital” or “FFC”) is a financial holding company and is principally engaged in industrial investment, financial investment and securities investment.
Within as short as six years since its inception, FFC’s total assets and cumulative investment have exceeded RMB 10bn and RMB 50bn, respectively.
盘她s直播app As of today, FFC has a total of 36 branch companies and subsidiaries in 25 cities across China with over 1,000 employees. Its ForDreams Charitable Foundation has empowered more than 100 talented college students to pursue their academic dreams.


盘她s直播appRMB 50bn+ cumulative investment


盘她s直播app36 Branches & Subsidiaries


盘她s直播appCovering 25 cities


Innovation, Wealth and Common Prosperity Summit

The summit had the attendance of many prestigious scholars, experts and industrial KOLs from home and abroad. These influential figures , from the commanding heights of their respective sector, had in-depth discussions and shared insights over such hot topics as economy, finance, manufacturing, technology, trade and service.

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social responsibility


盘她s直播appForDreams Charitable Foundation does philanthropy not as immediate, one-off donation but as a long-term, future-oriented investment. We invest to help people to realize their dreams, and this, we believe, is the best that wealth can do.

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盘她s直播appFFC is built to last. Guided by ancient Chinese wisdom, FFC strives to achieve sustainable growth on a global scale. Our mission is to build FFC into a leading global investment bank and thrive for centuries to come.